We enable commercial success of robot innovations

By bringing together the industry, academia and public sector Robotdalen enables commercial success of new robot solutions for industry, service and health care. The solutions stem from actual needs and end users are involved throughout the product development, thus resulting in robot innovations based on market needs. By offering unique test beds for new solutions we also encourage international companies and entrepreneurs to develop their robot innovations and set up business in Sweden. Our vision is to be an internationally established innovation environment. 

When Giraff Technologies AB moved their business from Silicon Valley in the U.S. to the city of Vasteras in Sweden, they became Robotdalen’s first international business establishment. The communications solution Giraff is now on the market in several countries in Europe providing elderly with increased safety and direct contact with health care staff and family members.


New products on the market


New companies on the market


International business establishments

”I am positively surprised by Robotdalen’s commitment and knowledge. The support I get works extremely well, and the smooth funding process is unique compared to others in the innovation system”.

Thomas Ryberg, Innovator, Robotics Care AB