Crowdfunding for Tinkerbots

The Robotdalen Innovation Award is an international prize competition for robot developers. The prize consists of support from Robotdalen in the further development of the robot innovation. In 2013 three young researchers from Germany won 3rd prize with the robotic building set Tinkerbots. The jury believed that Tinkerbots offers a fun and simple way of interacting with robotic technology and thus increases the acceptance for it by the society at large.

The prototype has since been developed into a product ready for commercialization; the company has also moved into a new office and hired two employees. In April they launched a crowdfunding campaign via Indiegogo, making it possible for people to pre-order Tinkerbots. In less than 48 hours over 150 units were sold. The campaign runs until May 25.

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The crowdfunding campaign runs until May 25



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