The first launch of Zoom on the US market

The 4-wheel drive electric vehicle Zoom is now available on the U.S. market.

The Swedish invention Zoom Uphill®, or just “Zoom”, is one of the world’s lightest and smallest electric, all-terrain vehicles. It has revolutionary driving capabilities off-road including sand and snow. It easily climbs obstacles and sidewalks thanks to the U.S. patented boggy divider technology. You drive a Zoom sitting down, using arms and hands only, which makes it comfortable and gives an extraordinary driving experience, and thus functional for people who have difficulty walking.

The maximum speed is 12 mph and the two lithium ion batteries give you a range of approximately 25 miles on a flat road. The zoom is environmentally friendly and carries you almost silently.

For starters, the Zoom is available in Florida, Texas, California, Alabama and Georgia. Sales Representatives are retired US Army veterans working on sales commission from Zoomability Inc. with headquarters in Austin, TX. The Zoom has been sold in Sweden, Spain, Italy, The Netherlands, Finland and Germany for about three years now. It has also been available to wounded US Army veterans via the The Independence Fund, although Zoomability is now in the process of launching a network of independent US sales reps, selling vehicles directly to the general public.

The company also plans on expanding into other markets in the next couple of years.

Robotdalen has supported Zoomability since 2008, both financially and with networking and competence.



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