Furhat being tested by researchers at Örebro University

Researchers at AASS (Centre for Applied Autonomous Sensor Systems) at Örebro University have recently acquired a Furhat robot as part of their work within the area of social robotics. This is a continuation of a previous project where Samer Mobayed, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, worked together with researchers at AASS to develop dialogue systems suitable for smart homes.

Furhat is a robotic head that combines state-of-the-art facial animation with physical embodiment in order to facilitate multi-party dialogues with robots. It is developed by scientists at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, and is supported by Robotdalen.

The purchased Furhat is now installed at Ängen Research and Innovation apartment, an open platform for development and testing of robotics and intelligent systems in the home. As part of on-going research at AASS, researchers will be integrating the Furhat with a number of other devices in the apartment in order to study how people talk and interact with objects in the home. This is part of a long term research project funded by Vetenskapsrådet and can lead to eventual applications in dialogue systems, and support systems for different groups who need cognitive support at home.

By having the Furhat at Ängen means that researchers are able to expose the technology and the Furhat Robotics to the many visitors that Ängen receives, and most importantly gather feedback from them. Several products supported by Robotdalen, such as Giraff, SEM-Glove, Bestic and Mollii, are already being tested and evaluated at the Ängen apartment. The researchers and collaborating organizations, such as Robotdalen and Örebroregionen Science Park, are now looking forward to organizing workshops and events that will raise new issues regarding the technology.



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