Gerdins Group acquires RobCab AB

As an important step towards the goal of developing RobCab AB into a successful Swedish export industry, the company now announces that it will continue as an own company, as a part of Gerdins Group who will be the majority owner.

"To us in Gerdins the acquisition of RobCab is part of developing the area Healthcare, within Products & Services. We see great potential in Healthcare, an area where there is a need for new technical solutions", says Peter Gerdin, President of Gerdins Group.

New CEO at RobCab AB is Peter Örjes, but the founders Hans Skoog and Gösta Martins will work for Gerdins Group during the transition. All employees will also continue working for the company, which will continue to be based in Västerås as well, and Hans Skoog will join the company's board.

RobCab AB has developed the product RobCab, a fully autonomous logistics system for indoor hospital transports. It was first tested and is now up and running at the Mälar hospital in Eskilstuna, Sweden.  

Robotdalen has helped with finance and contributed to the development of RobCab. 

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