Grant enables focus on Semantic Robots

A 36 million SEK funding grant from the Swedish Knowledge Foundation, in combination with industry contributions, will allow researchers from two successful robotics fields at Örebro University to join forces to create a new research profile named Semantic Robots.

The new research profile Semantic Robots is being set up to integrate and develop the competencies found on the one hand within artificial intelligence (AI) and the Cognitive Robotic Systems Lab (CRS), and on the other hand within autonomous navigation and sensor-based perception and the Mobile Robotics and Olfaction Lab. Within CRS, research is conducted into robots that are able to "think" for themselves when planning and executing actions. Within Mobile Robotics and Olfaction, the focus is on robots that are able to perceive their environment by means of sensors and that have an ability to move in such a way that they can autonomously navigate in different environments and handle different types of objects.

The research at the research center AASS (Applied Autonomous Sensor Systems) at Orebro University is an important and vital part of Robotdalens core area Service Robotics.

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