New strength for weak grip

The long-awaited successor to the award-winning SEM™Glove, the glove that provides extra power and grip strength for people with reduced hand function, is now being released. The new SEM™Glove has been given a design boost and is equipped with new features and smart solutions for easier use, both as a work aid and in healthcare, leisure and at home.

The new SEM™Glove is a custom upgrade of previous versions of the SEM™Glove and SEM™Glove Easy. The glove is available in a basic or plus version, with the new plus version having three pre-sets that simplify use and make it easier to access the pre-set values for strength and sensitivity.

Bioservo’s CEO Tomas Ward comments: “One major benefit of the new design is its ergonomics and user-friendliness! We have particularly focused on the SEM™unit, which has new material options and improved solutions.” The new SEM™unit has been manufactured in a soft shock and sound-absorbing, laminated microfibre suede and has a display cover that both protects and provides a more uniform appearance. The rear of the unit is provided with a flexible clip with incremental position change in three positions that enables the SEM™unit to be tilted 90 degrees from its usual position, which may make it easier for wheelchair users. 

The new SEM™cord is lighter, and the new casing provides a more discrete link to the glove. The glove now has an airier and lighter mesh and an ergonomically grip-friendly cuff for opening and closing the glove. Tomas continues: “The SEM™cord’s upper attachment strap is new and produced based on user requests. I’m really happy with the new SEM™Glove and feel that we have succeeded in finding the solutions requested by our users.” 

Information on the SEM™ Glove:
In 2012 Bioservo won the international innovation competition Robotdalen Innovation Award with its product SEM™Glove. The power-enhancing, user-friendly glove has been produced for people with reduced hand function or people working in grip-intensive professions. 

It is as flexible as an ordinary glove while compensating for and adding manual power and strength when the user needs to tighten their grip. The SEM™Glove consists of two parts: the glove and a lightweight power unit, the SEM™unit, which can be worn on a belt around the waist. Thanks to the low total weight of around 700 g, the user barely notices the weight. 

The SEM™Glove is prescribed as a work aid and is sold or hired to private individuals, rehabilitation centres and hospitals throughout Sweden. It is marketed internationally by distributors in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, among other countries.

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