Poseidon – the world’s first hygiene robot

One of the many projects currently being developed with support from Robotdalen is Poseidon, the world's first hygiene robot. An innovative, med-technical aid that in a unique way helps disabled people to take care of their personal hygiene, themselves.

Most people do not realize that personal and intimate hygiene can cause problems for people with disabilities. Being forced to get help from others can at worst result in poor self-esteem and a sense of the personal integrity being violated. The idea behind Poseidon is to give disabled people a new opportunity to take care of their personal hygiene under safe conditions. The concept is aimed towards users who have partial mobility due to a neurological injury or exclusively due to old age. With the help of Poseidon the washing experience becomes something positive. A private moment to look forward to, which will serve as a boost to both self-esteem and quality of life.

Behind the Poseidon idea is Robotics Care AB and its founder Thomas Ryberg. The project has, in addition to Robotdalen, since its inception in 2013 received support from, among others, Almi, the Research and Development Council of Västmanland, Vinnova, the County Administrative Board of Västmanland and Swedish Institute of Assistive Technology.

The primary target groups for the hygiene robot are municipalities and county councils. Right now, testing and verification is taking place, in collaboration with private and public retirement homes, at municipalities and hospitals. In autumn 2015, the project reached the prototype stage 4 and preparations for the next step in progress. Poseidon is scheduled to be unveiled as a clinically tested and CE-marked product in late 2016.

Robotics Care’s founder Thomas Ryberg presents Poseidon to His Majesty King Carl XVI Gustaf on his visit at Robotdalen in Västerås 2015.



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