Robotic automation being developed at RAC

In the autumn of 2012 Robot Application Center (RAC) opened its gates, in a renovated industrial building in Munktell Science Park in Eskilstuna. Here you find a lab, an office and a conference room. The people at RAC have since its inception been working on various projects with a focus on high quality, robotic automation for the Swedish manufacturing industry. In the lab, which is equipped with industrial robots and peripherals, new prototypes and products are being developed and tested.

RAC is a cooperation between Robotdalen, Mälardalen Industrial Technology Center (MITC), Munktell Science Park, various companies in the region such as the company Robot System Products, which also is the initiator, and Mälardalen University. There is a research assistant approach with the university, which means that students in production technology and product development are invited to join various projects for a long time.

The projects are mostly assignments undertaken in collaboration with several other parties. It is not uncommon for projects to generate spin-offs, in contiguous, smaller projects. Right now, for example, a cost-effective vision system and a new gripper’s concept are being developed. There is also an on-going development project for robot processing. Participants in these projects include Robot System Products, Flintec, Volvo GTO and SPV Spintec.

RAC also serves as a venue for operators in automation and manufacturing industry, with meetings and seminars.



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