Success for Mollii in France

The electrodress Mollii, by Swedish Inerventions AB, is a success in France. Mollii now has over 50 users in France and the rumor about the new aid is spreading rapidly.

Through a so-called partner search, funded with support from Robotdalen, Inerventions made contact with several clinics that treat people with brain injuries. Several of those are interested in conducting clinical trials on Mollii to verify the effect.

Inerventions also cooperates with a rehab center that works with conductive education. This clinic has certified Mollii staff and works as an agent for the French market. Rehabilitation of brain injuries is the clinic's main business, and Mollii has now become an integral part of the training programs.

So far, one Mollii dress has been funded by the French MDPH.

Mollii (formerly Elektrodress), winner of the Robotdalen Innovation Award 2013, is a new, long-awaited, neurorehabilitation concept. It provides individually adapted rehabilitation in the form of a garment with electrotherapy programmed according to each person’s needs. Mollii is an assistive device that people with spasticity or other forms of motor disability can use in their home environment. It can help to reduce undesired reflexes and stiffness, thus enabling an improved range of motion and functional ability. Mollii can be used by people with neurological diseases such as cerebral palsy, acquired brain damage, spinal injury and stroke.



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