True X-ray Mobility

The founders of the Swedish company Solutions for tomorrow didn’t believe that the term “mobile X-ray” described the reality. With their new mobile X-ray equipment – where both the size and the charging time of the batteries have been minimized – they hope to set a new industry standard.

- Together we have more than 40 years experience of this industry, says Mattias Guldstrand, CEO and one of the founders of Solutions for tomorrow. Mattias and his partners Martin Yngvesson (COO) and Jan-Olov Lundström (CTO) decided to develop an X-ray equipment that was mobile – for real. The smallest and lightest X-ray unit in the market was launched at the ECR congress a year ago.

- Despite the fact that we only presented a prototype at ECR, the interest it generated was enormous. Whatever doubts we might have had about the direction we were heading, were erased at that time. We felt that this was something the industry had been waiting for.

Almost instant charging
Solutions for tomorrow’s new X-ray equipment generated a lot of attention thanks to its ease of use, true mobility and excellent ergonomic features.

- Both its low weight and its compact design are important. This type of equipment is often required to fit into tight spaces. We have also invested considerable time in making it ergonomic. An X-ray unit is a professional tool that has to work. It must be easy to bring with you anywhere. A year after the prototype launch, the Swedes are back at the ECR congress, this time with some even bigger news. The X-ray unit is now equipped with X-Tech Cell™, an innovative battery technology they have developed themselves. X-Tech Cell™ can be charged in only a few minutes.

- We see this as nothing less than a revolution, Mattias says.

Big savings to be made
Traditional mobile X-ray equipment can take up to 12 hours to charge. If the battery runs out, the unit is useless for several hours.

- In theory the units should be charged overnight for use during the day, Mattias says. But everyone who has worked with mobile X-ray knows that full-time availability doesn’t exist in reality. Sometimes the equipment needs to be used during the night and sometimes the units don’t get charged as planned, due to human factors. Equipped with X-Tech Cell™ our X-ray unit achieves a significantly higher level of availability. To completely charge the battery takes two hours, but should it run out of power, you can quick charge it in in just a few minutes. So you can always X-ray the patient as planned. The long charging times of traditional devices require hospitals to have a constant overcapacity of mobile X-ray units.

- Here’s where big savings can be made, according to Mattias. I estimate that all hospitals could reduce their number of units by a third. Considering the cost of just one mobile X-ray unit, we’re talking a lot of money.

Full-scale launch
Right now certification of the equipment is under way. Full-scale launch is planned for later this year. Mattias concludes:

- Within a few years we plan to be in all major markets. We’d like to be humble but still aim high. The objective is to set a new standard for mobile X-ray.

Support from Robotdalen
Robotdalen has supported Solutions for tomorrow both financially and with valuable contacts for several years.

- We are very excited about the development that we see in Solutions for tomorrow’s mobile x-ray equipment. It is fully in line with our focus on enabling new technological solutions for health care, says Erik Lundqvist, General Manager at Robotdalen. 

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