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2014-12-02 in Mälardalen University, Robot programming, PhD defense by Klas Larsson
Batu Akan will defend his thesis "Planning and Sequencing Through Multimodal Interaction for Robot Programming" at Mälardalen University, on 8th December.
2014-11-07 in RAC, automation, industry by Klas Larsson
High-class robotic automation and exciting new products for the Swedish manufacturing industry are being developed at Robot Application Center (RAC) in Eskilstuna.
2014-10-23 in SEM-Glove Easy, Bioservo, Robotdalen Innovation Award by Klas Larsson
Things get easier with SEM-Glove Easy.
2014-10-08 in Ambassadors diplomats by Klas Larsson
On Monday 6th of October ambassadors and diplomats from nearly 40 countries visited Robotdalen in Västerås.
2014-09-10 in RobCab, health care, Hospital transports, Gerdins by Klas Larsson
As an important step towards the goal of developing RobCab AB into a successful Swedish export industry, the company now announces that it will continue as an own company, as a part of Gerdins Group who will be the majority owner.
2014-05-12 in GiraffPlus, elderly, health care, EU-funding by Jessica Karlsson
The EU-project GiraffPlus looks at how remote communication can function for elderly and health care staff. 94-year old Nonna Lea in Italy describes her encounter with the robot Giraff.
2014-05-12 in AASS, Semantic Robots, robot research by Jessica Karlsson
A 36 million SEK funding grant from the Swedish Knowledge Foundation, in combination with industry contributions, gives Orebro University the opportunity to set up a new research profile called Semantic Robots.
2014-04-28 in Tinkerbots, Robotdalen Innovation Award by Jessica Karlsson
In 2013 three young German researchers won 3rd prize in the international prize competition Robotdalen Innovation Award for their robotic building set Tinkerbots. The company has now launched a crowd funding campaign to take the next step with their innovation.
2014-04-08 in Gasbot, AASS, methane gas, emissions by Jessica Karlsson
Methane emissions have been underestimated and the robot Gasbot can be a tool in detecting gas leaks, says IEEE Spectrum, in their latest issue.
2014-02-17 in euRobotics, European robotics, Horizon 2020 by Jessica Karlsson
Robotdalen has become a member of the euRobotics AISBL, aiming to boost European robotics research, development and innovation.


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