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2015-06-15 in Bioservo, SEM™Glove, health care, Robotdalen Innovation Award by Klas Larsson
The long-awaited successor to the award-winning SEM™Glove, the glove that provides extra power and grip strength for people with reduced hand function, is now being released.
The Västerås-based company OpiFlex Automation has won the European Commission "Business Innovation Observatory Award".
2015-04-20 in VoxPop, Arte, health care, robotics. media by Klas Larsson
We recently had a visit from the European TV program VoxPop (on channel Arte) at our Robotdalen office in Västerås.
2015-04-15 in Furhat, social robotics, Ängen by Klas Larsson
Researchers at AASS at Örebro University have recently acquired a Furhat robot as part of their work within the area of social robotics.
2015-03-03 in health care, Mobile X-ray by Klas Larsson
Swedish company Solutions for tomorrow hope to set a new industry standard with their mobile X-ray equipment.
2015-02-25 in Zoom, vehicle, Zoomability by Klas Larsson
The 4-wheel drive all-terrain electric vehicle Zoom is now available on the U.S. market.
2015-02-25 in JustoCat, health care, Robotic, dementia by Klas Larsson
JustoCat, which is now being launched on the European market, is a robotic therapy cat developed and scientifically evaluated in cooperation between robotics researchers and health care researchers at Mälardalen University in Sweden.


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