Within service robotics, our focus is on mobile robots for the industry, the public sector and the consumer market. It's both about solutions for increased security and improved working environment, as well as more service in society.

Solutions for increased security and better working environment

The products within service robotics which is developed with support from Robotdalen increase safety in society, such as airport and industrial surveillance, hazardous gas detection, or as support for firefighters at extortion.

New robot solutions for service in society

Mobile lightweight robots with social features are increasingly being developed for different tasks in society. This applies to anything from information and guidance in industry or the public sector as well as consumer markets, for example as a guide or auxiliary teacher in the school environment.

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”The robot Gasbot detects gas leaks at landfill sites or other areas. Funding from Robotdalen, and support with market- and customer analysis, is indispensable in developing the robot platform into an industrial prototype”.

Achim Lilienthal, researcher at Örebro University