We extend our focus to service robotics on a broader scale. We will keep up our work with world-leading solutions for heavy, autonomus vehicles, but will also take on new robot innovations for the industry, public sector and consumer market. Solutions for increased safety, improved working environment as well as more service in society. 

World-class research – autonomous sensor systems lead the way

The research centre AASS (Applied Autonomous Sensor Systems) resides at Orebro University. They conduct world-leading research on heavy, autonomous vehicles, in close co-operation with companies such as Atlas Copco, Volvo Construction Equipment and Linde Material Handling. The research group has developed sensor systems for heavy autonomous vehicles such as mine loaders, forklift trucks and wheel loaders.

New robot solutions taking on service tasks in society

In close cooperation with researchers and entrepreneurs we also take on new innovations that contribute to increased security in society; may it be surveillance of airports and industrial compounds, detection of hazardous gases or support for fire fighters. We also look at other mobile light weight robots for the industry, public sector or consumer market.

Do you have an innovation for the service sector? Contact us!

”The robot Gasbot detects gas leaks at landfill sites or other areas. Funding from Robotdalen, and support with market- and customer analysis, is indispensable in developing the robot platform into an industrial prototype”.

Achim Lilienthal, researcher at Örebro University