By the year 2030 Sweden’s elderly care sector will lack 150.000 trained health care staff. In 2040 one fourth of Sweden’s population will be 65 years or older. We face a challenge. One way to approach it is by implementing more technical solutions in the health care sector; providing increased participation in society as well as independence for the elderly and disabled. We don’t believe that robots should replace humans; we want them to contribute to the people’s integrity and quality of life.

Erik Lundqvist

Head of Technology for Independent Life
Phone +46 (0)21 10 70 26


Product testing at test beds

Test beds offer a possibility for new products to get tested in their natural environment; by health care staff, family members, elderly and disabled. This can take place at hospitals, elderly care facilities or at the home. We cooperate with existing test beds, and take action to support new test beds, to make sure that products that reach the market stem from actual needs of end users and function in their everyday life. If you have a new technical solution for the health care sector in need of testing, please contact us to see if we can help you set up a test in Sweden.

International business establishment

Swedish health care has a strong reputation around the world and Sweden is a country that’s very open to try new innovations. In 2009 Giraff Technologies moved their business from Silicon Valley in the U.S. to Robotdalen and Sweden, aiming at the European health care market, with their telepresence solution Giraff. In 2012 the Japanese company Cyberdyne Inc. set up a company in Sweden to introduce their robot suit HAL to the European market. We constantly look for new products and companies that we can introduce to our market and help set up business for in Sweden. Does this sound interesting? Contact us and we will tell you more! 

”We have received invaluable support with contacts for development, production and sales. It is a great privilege to be part of, and cooperate with other companies, in Robotdalen’s network”.

Catharina Borgenstierna, CEO, Bestic AB


Products on the market and projects in the pipeline

A number of products are already in use at hospitals, nursing homes and private homes, you can read about some of them here. We also have a number of development projects, where we co-operate with innovateurs, researchers, health care staff and elderly to develop new products. Some of the ongoing projects are listed here, while others are not quite ready to be announced publicly just yet!