Visit from Finland

This week we had a delegation from Finland visiting us at Robotdalen in Västerås. The delegation consisted of members from Finnish health care related organizations such as Miina Sillanpään Säätiö Stiftelse, Wilhelmiina Palvelut/Service Oy Ab, Benete Oy, Fioca Oy/Sairaanhoitajaliitto/Finland Sjuksköterskeförbund rf., Metropolia Yrkeshögskola, Östra Finlands Universitet, IBM Nordics and Airo Island ry, rf.

We introduced them to Robotdalen’s organization and how we work with innovations in health robotics. They also got to meet Maria Gill, from The Swedish Agency for Participation, and Christine Gustafsson, Director of research at Mälardalen University and innovator of the robotic therapeutic cat JustoCat.

The Finnish delegation expressed that they were very happy with the visit (and we were of course happy to have them here as well), and especially impressed with Robotdalen's great knowledge of the health care sector, and our work focusing on user driven innovation. Another highlight included the way Robotdalen adds substantial value with it’s hands on support to entrepreneurs in the innovation process, and Robotdalen's great contribution to real world implementation of new products and solutions in the health care sector.



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