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Robotdalen supports innovators, entrepreneurs, researchers and businesses in developing and commercializing their robot innovations. We offer competence within product development, technical analysis, simulation, business development and market development. Our cooperation partners and network can give you access to, for example, funding, prototype developers, early customers and incubators. We don’t work with a static innovation process; we constantly analyse and confirm that you have access to the right competence and network, based on the needs and challenges you’re currently facing.

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Our hallmark is a flexible support, based on your individual needs and challenges

”The cooperation with Robotdalen, after winning the Robotdalen Innovation Award 2012, has given us invaluable access to competence as well as a much more complete approach to innovations.”

Tomas Ward, CEO Bioservo Technologies AB


Robotdalen Innovation Award

The internationally oriented Robotdalen Innovation Award is directed at entrepreneurs, innovators, start-ups as well as graduate and postgraduate students from all over the world who have ideas, concepts or solutions with commercial potential and breakthrough technology, addressing certain fields of robotics and automation.

A prosthetic hand concept, created by the Greek open source initiative OpenBionics, was appointed first prize winner of the Robotdalen Innovation Award 2015, at a prize ceremony held in Västerås, Sweden on September 3, 2015.  

The second prize in the competition went to the Danish company Odico Aps Formwork Robotics and their Robotic Hotwire Cutting proposal; a tool suitable for the construction industry which convert digital designs to real objects, as an alternative to 3D printing. Third prize went to Dr.-Ing. Mohammad Ali Nasseri, creator of the Hybrid Parallel-Serial Micromanipulator, a medical tool for eye doctors, aimed at assisting ophthalmic surgery.

Robotdalen Innovation Award is organized every two years. The competition for Robotdalen Innovation Award 2017 is now launched. Read more about it here!

The winners of Robotdalen Innovation Award 2015. Photo: Henrik Mill