CRTC - Collaborative Robot Test Center

The video clip above shows several examples of solutions performed by CRTC.

Test center for collaborative robots

The purpose of the test center is to increase the competitiveness in Sweden for the manufacturing industry, and with the help of collaborative robots to develop new applications and solutions. So far, we have created successful solutions for over 20 companies.

We offer technical advice, simulation, concept and prototype development, training and support for pilot installation.

In connection with the work of developing the customer-specific solutions, Robotdalen has developed a number of standard components / accessories for efficient use of collaborative robots.

Selection of reference projects within CRTC

The video clip above shows an example of a solution implemented by a customer. In this process one is screwed
h ydraul connection and quality assured by YuMi's integrated vision system. The parts are handled by 3D-printed components
produced by CRTC.


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Project manager CRTC

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