Under the Emitrace brand , the company Retenua develops camera-based driver assistance systems for heavy industrial vehicles as well as vehicle and object positioning systems for applications with mobile autonomous vehicles and robots. The purpose of the system is to avoid workplace accidents where workers are hit. Typical industries with a high risk of accidents are construction, production and logistics, the mining industry, and ports and airports.

The Emitrace system was formerly called RefleX (Vision System) and is an IR camera unit that is installed on a vehicle and that continuously monitors a defined risk area. Emitrace detects people with the help of the reflective properties of ordinary warning clothing, ie reflective vests, which are used in most industrial workplaces, and assesses the distance between vehicle and person. If a worker is in the danger area, the driver is alerted via an audio or light signal on a screen in the cab. In addition to the application as a safety system for heavy vehicles, Emitrace has also been shown as an effective solution for camera-based tracking and positioning of autonomous systems.

Robotdalen has contributed to the development of Emitrace, including financial contributions to be able to develop and evaluate product prototypes, as well as to carry out feasibility studies for the series production of the product. Robotdalen has also assisted with advice for team and business building.


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