Unique competence in innovative
  robot and application development


Swedish industry is exposed to hard global competition. Automation and robotization, of all or part of the production, can be a way to increase the competitiveness of an industrial enterprise.


Robotdalen has great knowledge and expertise as well as a wide network of product developers, researchers, suppliers and end-users, which means that we can offer a wide variety of customized services.


Robotdalen develops new solutions and clarifies how an investment in robot automation can streamline the production and thereby strengthen competitiveness.


Do you have an innovation?

We can offer you help to develop and commercialize your innovation through support with product development, business development and financing.

The process is adapted to your requirements and consists of small verification steps, where each step is evaluated and confirmed by actual end users and customers.


Sweden is facing a major demographic challenge. More efficient health care with the help of innovative technology is a prerequisite for dealing with this challenge, with great needs and an aging population.


In close cooperation with idea owners and Swedish municipalities / regions, Robotdalen develops solutions that will relieve healthcare staff or increase the user's independence and quality of life.


Robotdalen can also help municipalities and regions to introduce welfare technology in their organizations.

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