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Research and Development

Robotdalen has extensive experience of running projects in established as well as new applications and industries. Robotdalen is based on your company's needs and can help you with your development ideas, with a focus on using robot technology in a new and innovative way. Development of the applications takes place in our test centers!

Our offer in research and development is based on our work process which includes the following project steps:


Technical advice / feasibility study
We visit your company to understand your challenges and collect data. Based on this, we then perform a feasibility study and technical advice within, for example, prerequisites for automation, sensor systems and gripper development.

Based on a feasibility study, we can perform overall simulations of a project idea. These simulations can be seen as a good basis for being able to anchor a project internally with you.

Concept and prototype development
Robotdalen works closely with your company to develop technical concepts and prototypes in short verification steps. These concepts can, for example, be included in layout proposals, mechanical design, software development and robot programming.

Pilot installations
When the right conditions exist, we can also further develop and take concepts and prototypes for a pilot installation. In a pilot installation, we usually bring in a system integrator who refines the concept together with us.


Project Management
In connection with the above positions, Robotdalen can also be the coordinating project manager.


We have experience of working in the borderland between business and academia. Through our test beds, we can transfer and verify research results in sharp cases and industrial environments.

Without Robotdalen's help, our project, focusing on building automation with robots for large building structures, would never have happened. Their unique expertise and network provided resources that we ourselves lacked within our organization - and with the help of this, a groundbreaking concept has now been developed.

Ulf Håkansson, Head of Research at Skanska


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Project Manager Industry
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