Miniature Kingdom

Miniature Kingdom is a model railway in scale 1:87 under construction in Kungsör. The model is built with inspiration from different parts of Sweden, with landmarks such as Åreskutan, Globen and "Skrapan" in Västerås. The completed facility is estimated to be several hundred square meters in size when it is completed.

At the facility, there are several different push-button functions that visitors can activate, and one of these "surprises" has been built by Robotdalen. It is an industrial robot from ABB (IRB 8700) in scale 1:87, only 3cm high that can move like a real robot.

The miniature robot stands in the square outside the equally well-recreated model of Skrapan in Västerås and welds when the visitor presses the button.


Contact me and I will tell you more!

Anders Thunell

Project manager industrial robotics

Tel. 073-662 05 89