About us

Robotdalen has a unique competence and solid experience in robot and application development.

We create innovative solutions in welfare technology,
industry, as well as in new uses.

Our business is conducted in our two test centers,
Robot Application Center (RAC) in Eskilstuna and
Collaborative Robot Test Center (CRTC) in Västerås.

Welcome to Robotdalen!

Photo Spring victim: Håkan Larsson / Kulturhuset Stadsteatern


Robotdalen started its operations in 2003 as a Vinnväxt winner with a vision to create regional growth in Mälardalen and Sweden. This goal was achieved by enabling commercial success for new ideas in industry and health and welfare, as well as the creation of a strong and functional innovation system for new solutions in the robot area.


Robotdalen addresses two major societal challenges;

An aging population and a competitive industry. Robotdalen contributes to solving these challenges by developing, commercializing and implementing new products and solutions.


Robotdalen was established as a center formation at Mälardalen University , and still partly belongs to Mälardalen University, but since 2019 also has a parallel entity Robotdalen AB, which is owned by Robotdalen Association which consists of four members Västerås City , Eskilstuna Municipality , Region Västmanland and Region Sörmland .


Robotdalen AB was created as a result of the Vinnväxt financing being phased out in 2019, and made it possible for the commercial revenues to be managed and exchanged. The two entities each have a board, but a joint chairman of the board to create maximum transparency and efficiency between these entities.


The business will continue to focus on two areas; Health and welfare and Industry. The focus area Industry will be the most business-driven business, while the focus area Health and Welfare stands for the “softer” part of the business and which will be partly publicly funded. The goal is for the business-driven operations in industrial robotics to create a surplus that will be used to be reinvested and partly finance the softer part of Health and Welfare.

Partners (selection)

Mälardalens Högskola, ABB, MITC, Automation Region, Västerås Science Park, Create, Eskilstuna kommun, Västerås Stad, Region Sörmland, Region Västmanland, VINNOVA, Almi Företagspartner, med flera.


Photo Spring victim: Håkan Larsson / Kulturhuset Stadsteatern

Robotdalen board

Eva Lilja,
Chairman of the Board, Business Director, City of Västerås


Susanne Timsjö
Sales Manager, ABB Robotics

Helena Jerregård
Vice Principal, Mälardalen University


Johan Lindström
Head of Administration, Health and Care, Eskilstuna Municipality

Mattias Vanberg
Director Sandvik Design & Planning Automation, Sandvik


Peter Larsson
Analyst, Regeringskansliet

Jonas Cederberg

Area Manager Medical Diagnostics & Technology,
Region Västmanland

Maria Linder

Director of Regional Development, Region Västmanland