OpiFlex is a world-unique mobile robot platform that means that the entire robot cell can be moved to the machine that needs automation at the moment. In this way, both manual and automatic operation of the machine is obtained with a short return on the investment. The concept enables it to now be possible in a profitable way to automate the small series production that exists in Europe and create more competitive companies. OpiFlex can remove monotonous and heavy work steps and create new, more stimulating jobs in the industry where intelligence and dexterity are needed.

A patented docking station ensures high precision and stability even for large robots. Through OpiFlex concept for simplified programming, it is quick to reprogram into new products. By moving the robot cell, a very flexible automation with short pay-off time is made possible. With a robot, productivity normally increases by 20-60% and manufacturing costs can be greatly reduced. The concept enables both manual and automatic operation of the machine with a short pay-off. The robots can be run with full precision and performance.

The company behind the product is OpiFlex Automation AB .

The concept originates from Robotdalen's feasibility studies with SME companies in the early 2000s. The product was developed continuously and in 2013 a pilot installation was carried out at CH Industry in Eskilstuna, when the robot platform was tested sharply for the first time before the product launch.


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