Poseidon is the world's first hygiene robot, a shower solution developed by Robotics Care AB with support from Robotdalen, among others.


The shower solution is an innovative, medical-technical aid that in a unique way helps disabled people to take care of their personal hygiene themselves. The idea behind Poseidon is to give people with reduced mobility a new opportunity to take care of their personal hygiene in safe conditions. The concept is aimed at users who have partial mobility due to neurological damage or solely due to old age. Primary target groups for the hygiene robot are municipalities and regions.


In 2018, Poseidon was pilot-installed in the operations of five Swedish municipalities, in nursing homes in Karlstad, Uppsala, Eskilstuna, Fagersta and Västerås. During the year, the various activities received useful comments, thoughts and evaluations regarding the use of the shower solution.


The evaluation used the VTV method , a model that can be used in nuanced overall assessments of welfare technology with four evaluation focuses:

  • Organization (staff and management)

  • Technology (functionality and user-friendliness)

  • User

  • Economy


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