Productivity Improvement
through increased robot use

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Productivity Improvement

Robotdalen offers companies to implement productivity improvements in most industries.
We investigate and facilitate companies' opportunities to invest in automation and robot solutions, to increase growth and competitiveness.
Development of the applications takes place in our test centers!

Our approach is adapted to the customer's needs, but the following is usually included:

Prerequisite Studies
Examines the prerequisite for automation
• Company visits
• A rough current situation analysis

Automation Pre studies
• Current situation analysis
• Short flow analysis
• Suitable production section to automate
• Solution proposal
• Payoff calculation
• Presentation at companies

Development of solution proposals takes place in Robotstudio:
Rough analysis of cycle time
• Geometric location of the cell
• In and out deliveries to the cell
• Components in the automation cell
• Basis for quotation request and internal sales

Support in the procurement and implementation process
• Requirements analysis on automation cell
• Workshops and requirements collection at the company prior to the request for quotation.
• Design for parts of automation cell
• A digital copy in RobotStudio
• Education
• Robotics / automation
• Customer competence
• CE marking

Automation compass

Robotdalen has a process, Automationskompassen ,
to help small and medium-sized companies through the automation journey, where funding can be obtained through the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth's program Robotlyftet . You can read more about support for applying for this
on the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth's website .


Contact me and I will tell you more!

Ingemar Reyier

Project Manager Industry
Phone 070-524 44 03