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YuMi Accessories

Start package for a more efficient implementation
of collaborative robotics!


We provide a complete starter kit for applications with ABB's two-armed collaborative robot YuMi. The starter kit contains three components, a finger base, a tripod and a mini-feeder. These facilitate and help you get started more easily with the automation process.

The components can also be sold separately.
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Finger base

See the product "in action" here

Aluminium fingers designed to be mounted on YuMi hand:s original finger interface. The aluminium fingers provide a robust and easy accessible interface with 2x M2,5 threaded holes for attachment of "fingertips" and 6x Ø2H9 for guiding pins.

Compared to the original YuMi interface, the aluminium finger interface makes the design of the "product specific" fingertips much easier.

The fingertips can in most cases be 3D-printed and the exchange of fingertips is easy and fast. The aluminium fingers are stiff and compact and which results in an overall robust and accurate gripping solution. All screws and washers needed are included in the delivery.


See the product "in action" here

Robotdalen has over the last years performed a number of case studies with the collaborative ABB YuMi robot. During these studies, Rd wanted to find methods that made it easy and quick to switch between different projects.

This effort resulted in the  "Robotdalen YuMi working station" which is a very stable working station with a removable working table. The position of the working table in relation to the YuMi robot is based on standard guide pins and steel bushings.

This makes it easy to remove the working table and then mount it back to the robot station without having to adjust the robot positions. The bottom plate of the robot station consists of a heavy steel plate with wheels which makes the station very stable and easy to move. When the robot station is used on a fixed spot, the wheels can easily be disengaged.


See the product "in action" here

The Robotdalen Mini feeder is a robot operated feeding station based on the knife feeding principle. The components are presented to the robot on the linear ruler on top of the knife.

The robot uses it´s built in vision system to locate the position and orientation of the components. Two fully adjustable ramps with led-lights makes sure that the light conditions for the vision system are stable.

The linear ruler is preferably made in 3D-printed material and is easy to change. Components in sizes equal to M3-M4 nuts are ideal for this feeder.


Contact me and I will tell you more!

Mats Olsson
Development Engineer / Mechanical Development